We’re taking some latitude with what a cross-cultural pharma agency can be

We’re mixing data with empathy and medical expertise to deliver creative that works

Helping Pharma speak the language

Latitude Health is much more than a typical cross-cultural pharma agency.

We believe it’s critical for pharma companies to understand people as individuals—and even more importantly, how their differences affect their understanding of, access to, and choices about their healthcare.

Think of us as a data-driven creative engine

We gather all of the pieces that make a person a person—their cultural, demographic, emotional, and behavioral data. This information is analyzed and merged with medical expertise to produce insights that we use to develop authentic campaigns—campaigns that work for you while increasing access to medical knowledge and information and reducing disparities in healthcare among our populations.

This is how we empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness. And this is how we connect you with them.

This is Latitude Health.
Data and Culture United.


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